Introducing a New Method into the Family Planning Method Mix – Effect on Women’s Empowerment and Contraceptive Prevalence

Rebecka I. Lundgren, Georgetown University
Federico R. León, Georgetown University
Irit Sinai, Georgetown University

Integrating a new family planning (FP) method into the method mix may have benefits beyond providing women with an additional contraceptive choice. We apply multivariate analysis to survey data from India and Peru to determine if introducing the Standard Days Method (SDM) promotes women’s empowerment and increases family planning use. The SDM, a fertility awareness-based method of family planning, was introduced in Jharkand, India, and San Martin, Peru on a regional scale in 2005. Baseline and endline surveys in intervention and control areas were used to assess this intervention. We measured empowerment through indices of decision making and attitudes. Interviews with women in India showed that the intervention increased women’s perception of their empowerment. In Peru, however, the intervention did not affect women’s empowerment. Results of the effect of the intervention on FP use are also be presented, as are findings from interviews with men.

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Presented in Session 40: Gender and Reproductive Health