Male Sexual Health Challenges and Marital Relationships among the Yoruba in Southwestern Nigeria

Emmanuel Amoo, Covenant University, Nigeria

Marital intimacy has been on consistent checked by sexual health diseases, divorce, unceremonious-separations and violence between couples. While these concepts have been given individual attention in literature; little attention has been paid to male sexual health challenges as it affects marital relationships. The study examined the effects of male-sexual-health- challenges on marital relationships among one ethnic group in Nigeria. 111 couples were interviewed with focus group discussions among few respondents. The study revealed that husband-wife-discussion on sexual issues is on the average (54.8 percent) and that only 6.4 percents of the male respondents had experienced testicular cancer and andropause. Respondents with primary education and below are 45 times more likely to remain in marriage irrespective of husband’s sexual deficiencies than those with higher education. About 5.0 percent of wives with sexual-health challenged husbands are currently engaging in concubinage. Free ‘male-sexual-health-screening-services are recommended to enhance quick intervention and enduring marital intimacy.

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