The Incidence of Induced Abortion in Tehran, Iran: Current Levels and Correlates

Amir Erfani, Nipissing University

In the absence of information on abortion, updated data on the incidence of abortion is needed to assess the incidence of abortions in Iran. Utilizing data from the 2009 Tehran Survey of Fertility, this study estimates the lifetime abortion rate in Tehran to be one per six married women of reproductive age, and 9 percent of pregnancies end in abortions. Annually, 11,543 abortions are estimated to be obtained by married women of the reproductive age in Tehran. The mean age at abortion is 33.5 years. The probability of abortion is higher among less religious, wealthier, employed, and childless women or those with two children. Findings suggest the existence of a male imposition in seeking an abortion. About 84% of abortions are performed illegally, and birth limiting is the main reason for seeking abortions. Failures in withdrawal, condoms, and the pill led to two-third of aborted pregnancies.

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Presented in Poster Session 2