Health Status and Its Correlates among Adolescent Girls in Sikkim, India

Shailendra K. Mishra, Indian Statistical Institute
Susmita Mukhopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute

The present study investigates relationship between general health status and socio-demographic factors among a group of adolescent girls in Sikkim. It also evaluates the relationship between general health indicators and prevalence of certain reproductive morbidities. The present study includes 1250 girls from all the four districts of Sikkim. Information on socio-demographic characteristics, prevalence of certain reproductive morbidities and anthropometric measurements were collected. Certain blood tests were carried out. Both bivariate and multivariate analyses were done. Significant associations were found between prevalence of obesity, anemia, abnormal TLC, abnormal ESR, hypertension and place of residence. Girls form higher economic group are significantly more likely to be hypertensive and are significantly less likely to be anemic. The findings of the study suggest overall poor health profile of the adolescent girls under study. Girls from rural areas as well as from low economic status group are found to have comparatively poor health status.

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