Five-Year Geographic Mobility: 1970-2010

David Ihrke, U.S. Census Bureau
Carol Faber, U.S. Census Bureau

The discontinuation of the Census long form means 5-year geographic mobility data would not be available for 2010. Annual Census Bureau surveys, such as the Current Population Survey (CPS) and American Community Survey (ACS), use a shorter 1-year reference period, which are incomparable to 5-year estimates. To remedy this situation, the CPS added a similar 5-year migration question to its 2010 cycle. This decision is not without precedence as 5-year questions have been added to years ending in “5” since 1975. By including such a 5-year question, the CPS continued an unbroken cycle of 5-year migration estimates dating back to the 1970 Census. This project begins with 5-year mover rates from 1970 to 2010. Select characteristics and distance of intercounty moves for 2005 and 2010 are discussed. In, out, and net migration by region for 1970 to 2010 are provided, with a comparison of region-to-region flows for 1975 and 2010.

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Presented in Poster Session 4