Educational Quality of the Population in U.S. Metro Areas: 2009

Thomas File, U.S. Census Bureau

This poster examines the educational quality of the population in the 366 metropolitan area of the United States, using a series of indicators that address early learning, elementary, secondary and college education. Using data from the 2009 American Community Survey, we derive a series of indicators to assess the education of the population stock in each Metro in the US. Indicators include the proportion of young children in nursery school; the proportion of el/sec students below modal grade; the proportion of el/sec students in private school; the proportion of young adults who are high school dropouts; the proportion of young persons enrolled in college; and the proportion of adults who have completed college. Thematic maps will show the variation in the distribution of these indicators across the nation. Metro areas are then ‘scored’ and analyzed with respect to various socio-demographic factors.

Presented in Poster Session 6