The Pilot Study of Life Course Perspectives on the Links between Social Mobility and Obesity: 35-Year Follow-up in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study

Chih-Chien Huang, Arizona State University

This pilot study analyzes the impact of childhood SES on midlife obesity and extends existing research by estimating the influence of intergenerational social mobility on midlife obesity. It also provides the evidence of childhood obesity effects on SES during midlife. By using the Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey, this pilot study considers three hypotheses: (1) There are lasting effects of childhood SES on midlife obesity, (2) there are mediating effects of social mobility on midlife obesity and (3) there are lasting effects of childhood obesity on midlife SES. This study found that a father’s education has lasting effects on female obesity. Women who experienced upward social mobility in education have higher risk of obesity. Obesity was found to have lasting effects on education in women and lasting effects on income in men.

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