Monetary Transfers Behavior in the United States: Analyzing Nativity, Place of Birth, and Hispanic Origin Using Current Population Survey's 2008 Migration Supplement

Rachel T. Cortes, U.S. Census Bureau

The 2008 CPS Migration Supplement included questions on remittances and four additional topics – citizenship, year of entry, residence one year ago, and residents and emigrants abroad. The monetary transfers section is noteworthy because it represents the first time questions on both the giving and receiving of transfers were included on a large, federally sponsored survey. It is also noteworthy because the transfers questions were administered to all households, both native and foreign born. These data offer researchers a unique opportunity to analyze differences in the remittance behavior of various social groups. This paper will analyze households who reported sending or receiving monetary transfers by nativity, place of birth, and Hispanic origin. Specifically, the propensity to send/receive and the frequency and amount of money transferred. As will be shown, the various nativity, place of birth, and Hispanic origin groups in the U.S. exhibit differences in their household remittance behavior.

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