Intergenerational Continuities in Fertility – Connecting Three Generations Using Contemporary Swedish Register Data

Martin Kolk, Stockholm University

Intergenerational patterns are an important topic in the social sciences. The inheritance of fertility and family size is no exception. Research consistently shows a modest but increasing intergenerational transmission of fertility. The role of kin outside the nuclear family has however mostly been neglected. I examine the transmission of fertility from, parents, grandparents and uncle/aunts, using event history models on the risk of first, second and third birth. I apply my models to Swedish register data on the 1975-1988 cohorts and their kin. I find strong effects on the transmission of fertility from parents but also independent moderate effects of grandparents’ and parents’ siblings’ completed fertility. Women are more affected by kin than males and the effect is strongest for the first birth. There is no difference between the effect of paternal or maternal for both grandmothers and uncles/aunts.

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Presented in Poster Session 3