Stigma and Status: Adolescent Life Satisfaction and Obesity

Renata Forste, Brigham Young University
Erin Moore, Brigham Young University

This study considers the effects of obesity and gender in the context of individual, family, peer, and school factors. With data from the Health Behaviors in School-Age Children Survey (2001-2002) we use OLS regression to examine the association between student, family, school, and peer domains and life satisfaction. We then model these relationships separately for obese and non-obese students. Family, school, and peer interactions with obesity are also considered. Lastly, we consider the association between family, school, and peer domains and life satisfaction by both obesity status and gender. Results indicate that family SES and number of same sex friends have a positive effect on life satisfaction for obese adolescents, while grades and peer acceptance affect life satisfaction for non-obese adolescents. The effect of family SES is stronger for obese girls than boys, while obese boys are more affected by perceptions of school safety.

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