Increasing Family Planning Utilization among Latinas: Opportunities and Challenges Young Adult Hispanic Women

Lina Guzman, Child Trends
Selma Caal, Child Trends
Manica Ramos, Child Trends

Low rates of contraceptive use and consistency among Hispanics, as well as high rates of teen and unintended pregnancy, are of particular concern as Hispanics represent the largest minority group in the U.S. A better understanding of the family planning service needs among Hispanic women as well as of their perceived barriers and motivators to use services, is needed to help improve outreach efforts to engage and better serve this population. This study is based on a series of focus groups conducted in multiple cities across the country with Hispanic women and providers to examine the barriers and facilitators to accessing reproductive health services. We explore structural and cultural barriers and facilitators as well as community context and the role that policy plays in shaping Hispanic women’s use or nonuse of reproductive health services. Last, we consider policy and program implications of findings.

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Presented in Poster Session 6