Spousal Violence in Indian Context: Acceptance and Conflict

Sambassivacoundar Ramachandran, Annamalai University
Anjaneyalu Subbiah, Annamalai University
Kulasekaran Ravishankar, Annamalai University

Background: Gender based violence is a world wide concern. India having multi lingual and cultural set up provides a study environment. Objectives: To examine the regional differences in physical and sexual violence against women, violence initiated against husbands and the role of female autonomy factors in domestic violence. Methods: The primary data source of this study is “National Family Health Survey 3” conducted in 2005-2006 in India.. Results: A high proportion of women experienced physical or sexual violence during reference period. Wives’ background variables Influence physical violence but not the sexual violence and emotional violence by husbands. Interestingly, women in the low socio-economic category were involved in violence initiated against husbands. Surprisingly, a considerable proportion of women tolerate such violence. Conclusion: There is an immediate need to understand the contextual aspects of gender violence and the development of community based policy measures to create environment to reduce gender based violence.

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Presented in Poster Session 7